Bed & Furniture Buying Guide

When choosing a new bed there are a number of important factors to take into account -

1. Never buy a Bed / Mattress without trying it first.

There are so many variables that it is not possible to choose the correct model with out professional advice and the process of trying different models .A bed should be fitted to you like a pair of shoes or clothes.


2. Orthopaedic beds

Orthopaedic beds are just firm and the tension of a mattress is not the most important factor, it is the support that it provides and often our clients end up buying softer beds than they at first thought.

3. Tricks of the trade

There are lots of tricks of the trade when it comes to buying beds that should be explained to you so that you can compare one bed to another.

For example:

  • Faux side stitching as opposed to hand side stitching
  • Spring Counts (springs one inside the other, mini springs etc)
  • Double sprung versus single layer sprung mattresses.
  • Visco memory versus natural latex mattresses

to name but a few.

4. The importance of the upholstery of a mattress.

Lots of people get carried away with the importance of spring counts and forget, mattress upholstery, hand side stitching, sprung bases etc.



Just because a bed wins a which report award it does not mean it will be right for you.